Thesis statement writing guide for a literary analysis: tips & examples  

In case you get a piece of literature to analyze, do you know how to write it? You may find the task a little difficult and boring too. Now the question is how can you make this task easier for you? You can start by gathering all the helping material regarding the essay. Having examples and tips can help write a good essay. Otherwise, you can get assistance in writing from an essay writer online free.  

You need to understand what the purpose of such essays is. For that, you can start by learning the concept of a literary analysis essay. In such an essay you make your interpretation about the text by critically evaluating various perspectives. You need to write the free essay writer online perspective in the text. You can also write what you think about the literary piece of writing.

Structure of literary analysis

Knowing the parts of such analysis can reduce the difficulty level for you. You can learn the writing process by yourself. If I was facing issues in the learning process, I would contact a free essay writers and ask him to write my essay. In case that’s not what you want to do. Here are certain structuring tips for you.

  •       Read the text thoroughly and make notes about important ideas.
  •       Come up with a good thesis statement.
  •       Compose a suitable topic describing the purpose of your essay.
  •       Write the introduction paragraph ending it with a thesis statement.
  •       Now, write at least 3 to 4 body paragraphs containing the analysis.
  •       Summarize all the content and write a conclusion of your essay.

How to write a thesis statement?

The thesis statement is the central idea of your essay. You can write a concise statement about your argument of perspective in it. Here are certain tips that will come in handy when you will be confused about the thesis statement of your essay.

  •       You need to clearly state your argument about the text. You need to take a position, do not dangle in between two sides of the decision.
  •       Write about the specific aspect of the text that you will be describing. Is it the writing style or is it the author’s perspective? Your readers will know what to expect from your essay just by reading the thesis statement.
  •       You must also mention the literary devices used in the text. In case you want readers to know which scenes you are going to focus on, mention them too.
  •       Avoid summarizing the main points of your essay. A thesis statement should provide an insight into the type of analysis you are going to write.
  •       Do not write a generalized statement either, be specific in whatever elements you are going to write.
  •       Also, avoid explaining all the factors in the statement. You will have the rest of the essay to do the explanation.
  •       To cut it short, you just have to incorporate your opinion, your analysis, and the significance of the essay into the thesis statement.


In case you are still confused about how to write such a statement. Here is an example for you. The following thesis statement is about the essay “just walk on by” by Brent Staples.

“In the essay “just walk on by” the essay writer Brent Staples highlighted the element of racism through the personal anecdote depicting the negative impacts on the life of common people”.

You can take help from these tips and examples and write your thesis statement in no time. You can also take assistance from essay writing online, and save your time. Make sure you spend some extra time on this part as you have to present the essence of your essay.

You need to have some extra time, to proofread your statement. Avoid writing your essay in haste, you will make a lot of mistakes. Take help with your assignment, but do not submit one full of errors.

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